Artwork Portfolio

"Waiting for the Hierophant" 36x36""It's Too Bright Out Here" oil, charcoal on canvas 30x 40""Two Lions at Rest" 3x3' oil on canvas"Things To Burn" 16x16" oil on canvas"Engines Are Magic" 12x16" oil on canvas"Five Man Team Performing a Complicated Dumbass-ectomy" 18x24" oil on canvas"Thinking of You in Daylight" 12x16" oil on canvas"Treated Like the Queen of Spades" 24x 30" oil on canvas"Penney" 12x12""Sam, the French Girl" 24x36" oilon canvas "Abby" 20x30" oil on canvas" I Think I'll Be This For a While" 24x36" oil on canvas"Roller Derbie Debbie" 12x12" oil on canvas